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Debut Album "Aftermath" out Now! Get it https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/aftermath/id789815257

James Harvey is a 20 year old singer/songwriter hailing from Brisbane Queensland, Australia. James has been playing guitar from the age of eleven and is regularly commended for his skill "Is he seriously that age?". James first started to learn how to sing at the age of eighteen and has developed a unique sounding voice, that many who have heard him have come to love.

James has just released his debut album "Aftermath" which is inspired by the likes of fellow songwriters Pete Murray, Ed Sheeran and Passenger. James is known for writing catchy melodies, relatable lyrics and delivering hearting warming vibes that please the ears of many.

"I personally like to believe that my music is passionate, relatable, raw and heartfelt but for all I know, to others I could just be that “Kid” that plays acoustic guitar." says James, "I also like to consider music my dark side, it’s the side of me that is unspoken and the side of me that no one else knows."
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